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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :santa clara county union workers are threatening to strike tomorrow. unless a deal is reached tonight. good evening, i'm pam moore. those workers are protesting unfair labor practices. economic inequality. and public safety among other issues. kron 4's jeff bush is live at union headquarters with the latest. jeff? >> jeff :there is still time to make a deer--deal but not much but otherwise more than 9000 workers are not going to be a work tomorrow freshly made signs with the word strike have been conspicously placed outside the seiu local 521 headquarters.
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members authorized the strike action and the negotiations are coming down to the wirewho will blink first is anybody's guess. county officials say they are working hardunion officials say they are working hardand all that hard work is going on with a ticking clock counting down to six a.m. if the strike goes forward on tuesday morning thousands of workers will not be at their postand, that will likely affect anyone who needs to do business with any county agency. court workers, administrators with the county offices, health care workers, social services and the jailsto put it simply, a lot of people will notice if those workers are not on the job and the slow wheel of government business will turn even more slowly. still, county officials say they are dedicated to bang out the remaining issuesall of
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which, in some form or another, have to do with money. >> dave cortese : it's going to come down to an eyelash. it's that close. it's going to come down to whether or not we can tie up the last, loose ends in time because we are really just against the clock right now. that's where the pressure is. >> jeff :about 400 of those union members will be report reporting to work 400 union members may not strike, they are 911 operators and other essential employees. i'm jeff bush, live in san jose, kron four news. >> pam :two pilots are suffering minor injuries. after a coast guard helicopter crash lands at s-f-o. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b- c 7. the pilots were flying a m-h- 65 dolphin helicopter. officials say, they were performing a routine maintenance test flight. but when they attempted to land. something went wrong. and the helicopter crashed onto its
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>>:when they were about to land they were hovering about 10 ft. from the ground approximately. when they attempted to land in malfunctioned and the aircraft landed on its side >> pam :the helicopter did not catch fire and there was not an explosion. it was a very windy afternoon at the airport. but it is unknown if that had anything to do with the crash. an update on a story we have been following for months. the buena vista mobile home park in palo alto, may get a reprive. tonight at a city council meeting, funds were approved to set aside money for affordable housing. the city manager will set aside eight -million, plus an additional six -and a half- million to help preserve the park. but residents of the park are still left wondering what their futures will be. organizers hope the park can be saved. >>:they stand to lose and it is
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not rhetorical everything. they will have to leave their homes and then they lose their jobs because they have to go as far as central valley to find housing they can afford >> pam :buena vista has more one- hundred mobile homes. with some four- hundred, mostly low income residents. a san francisco man is out of the hosptial tonight. after he was shot in the arm over pride weekend. he sat down exclusively with our alecia reid and tells us. although he doesn't know who shot him. he is happy no one else was hurt. it's a story you'll see only on 4. >> alecia :after two days he is back home recovering and it will be a wild before his left arm can function at 100 percent. >>:it was the most painful thing i've ever experienced
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i have no feeling right here or under, i can feel on top i cannot make a fast --fist >> alecia :freddy only wants to use his first name to protect his identity, but he said that the festivities were peaceful until the shot was fired one of the man pulled out a gun and fired multiple times everyone started running and with blood gushing the 51 year- old vendor realized he was shot. he is now grateful to have walked away with his life. i am not mad at anybody the only thing i'm really disappointed about is that i missed the parade the cat is-- because it is my favorite thing >> alecia :he's hoping to get
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better so that he can perform his favorite pastime playing guitar >> pam :new at 11. california lawmakers are sending governor jerry brown a bill. which seeks to make professional cheerleaders. sports team employees. the bill would require that cheerleaders be paid at least minimum wage, if they work for professional sports teams. additionally. they would be paid for overtime and sick leave--- the same as other team employees. the bill responds to recent lawsuits filed by cheerleaders for the oakland raiders and th buffalo bills. now to a story we've been following for months. the "kids club school" in antioch is closing its doors. leaving hundreds of children without a school. kron 4's emily turner talked to school leaders, who are desperately trying to find a solution. to keep the school open. >> emily : the walls are bare and the rooms are empty of children. and this woman's heart is broken
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>>:i spent two days going through archives of pictures for last 20 years and my heart is just beating. i go home at night and i cried >> emily : it is the largest state funded facility but it is prepared to close its doors and has told parents and teachers to move on >>:the hardest thing ever from teaching these kids is telling the parents that they can no longer bring their kids here >> emily : there are too vast shots where they could go, but the deadline is friday and that is a tight timeline. if these hail mary's don't work than many teachers will be out of a job >>:it's not just the children is also the families and the staff
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who are going to lose a lot from this >>:tomorrow is going to be the hardest day of my life to say goodbye to these children >> emily : will continue to be updated >> pam :at least 24 homes have been destroyed because of a massive wildfire in washington state. officials say. it has burned about 3-thousand acres since sunday afternoon. it is only10 -percent contained. fire crews are keeping an eye on winds. as they are expected to reach 15 -to 20- miles an hour tonight. that could fan flames again. crews were also pouring water on a couple of burned warehouses earlier this afternoon. another wildfire burning near santa barbara. has forced 12- hundred people to evacuate their homes. the fire broke out in the rural area of lompoc. around 1-30 this afternoon. so far. no structures have burned. however. the fire is close to
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the historic la purisima mission. which was constructed back in 17-87. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. this just in. japanese media reports say at least one person is dead after a passenger on one of japan's high -speed bullet trains. set set himself or herself on fire. the smoke filled the carriage. forcing the train to stop. two other people were found unconscious. it happened near odawara city. just west of tokyo. officials say, the passenger poured oil over his or her head. before setting the fire. no word on the motive. the fire has been extinguished. and passengers were safely evacuated from the train. in walnut creek neighborhood breathing a sigh of relief after a molester is moved out of their community. late details on where he is now. apple is ready to debut its new
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streaming music program. we have a preview. the presidents trade package gets a green light from congress.
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>> pam :two major trade bills. signed into law by president obama today. one grants fast- track authority to the president's administration. to put together a final deal for an up-or-own vote with no amendments. --up-or-down the second law will give aid to u.s. workers. who are displaced by free trade laws. the legislation clears the way for the proposed - t-p-p or trans- pacific partnership trade
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agreement. democrats nearly derailed the package by one vote earlier this month. but supporters of the trade bills were able to save the deals. just ahead. a controversial vaccine bill makes it all the way to the governor's desk. how opponents now hope to stop it. the n-b-a champion warriors have a new opponent off the court. which they probably didn't anticipate. >> gary :and coming up a little bit later in this broadcast we have news for the aids--a's and we will talk about the return of warriors
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get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. >> pam :a convicted, violent sex offender is back in custody tonight. after allegedly violating his parole in the east bay. charles christman lived in walnut creek. but now he has been moved out of the neighborhood he was placed in. kron 4's vicki liviakis has reaction from residents. relieved he is gone. >> vicki : this unassuming house is where he has lived but it is empty now because he is back at the hospital until he gets a hearing on alleged violations. the violations are not public. she could not comment on the case pending a hearing but she did say that it did not seem to involve a minor
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he was brought here after he was moved from his cottage in a point because it was too close to a school. it was convicted of sexually assaulting young boys back in the '80s and neighbors were upset that he was moved here where there are so many children less than a mile away with a high school i spoke with the director of the after-school program >>:there are boy scouts' programs after school football in and the opportunities with kids around >>:it made us really looked even more to make sure that we did notice an apparent coming around >> vicki : now that he is away temporarily they would not mind if he became permanent he is in custody until he faces a judge in a couple of weeks but in the meantime it residents here will be a little more at
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ease >> pam >> reporter :low sixties for the inland location, and upper 50s for the east bay shoreline and a low to mid '50's for the san francisco peninsula here is the satellite radio showing you how pressures some high clouds kind of pushing through the area will make room for some patchy fog along the coast. east bay inland will be in the '90s tomorrow in the upper 90s to the hundreds
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scattered clouds in places but still plenty of sunshine to last all day long east bay shoreline with cooler temperatures along the coast south bay we will have 90s in places averaging about nineties in general with plenty of sunshine and scattered clouds no. 8 in the '90s with 104 fairfield's--100 for fairfield 78 for the east bay locations and then wednesday will be the hottest day of the week and by thursday we still have the '90s pretty much sticking around but then after that by the end of the week things will begin to cool down but still plenty of sunshine in your weekend
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>> pam :apple's new digital music streaming service. launches tomorrow. 'apple music' will let users stream songs from apple's massive library. whenever they want. users can make their own playlists. or listen to playlists curated by music experts. tracks can also be downloaded for offline listening. customers will pay a monthly subscription fee. of about 10- dollars per month for access. >> reporter :here in sacramento by a vote of 2414 the state senate has passed a very tough vaccine bill requiring all children attending public schools to be vaccinated and less they have an exemption from their doctor. it wipes out the personal beliefs exemption opponents say that this is the wrong thing to do. they are tending to appeal the bill but he has until july 15th to decide >> reporter :in san francisco and nurses are voicing concerns
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about the impact the proposed warriors are arena could have on their patients. they say that they're worried that it could create gridlock. this city says the new arena will not impact that operations of the medical facility and that they will have a dedicated transit land they're still working with bcf to keep certain people off of the streets--ucf >> pam :and will have gary with the sports coming out
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♪ >> gary :she did a dynamite national anthem and everybody is happy josh reddick right off the get- go 2-0 a's 4th inning davis' homerun made it 4-0 kendell workin hard colorado rockies got handles by the giants same thing tonight billy butler has a solo blast
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seagulls only 12k fans tonight seagulls may have outnumbered them 16 game hitsreak for billy burns came to an end a's beat colorado 7-1 giants in florida tomorrow buster posey posey leads by 1.7 million votes bay area all star participants. baumgarner will be featured nori aoki anmong others
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everyone wants this guy they would liek to talk to green all indications are teh warriors realized how valuable he is, and they don't want to let him get aw ay he is a restricted free agent so they can match any offers for him he used millions in his deal there steph curry is busy hosting what's called the sc30 select camp in oakland
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point guard 4-day training camp faughths--this is all business >>:i am mostly excited to see the competitiveness of the campers, and while we have trills we want to see how good the camp can be because of the campers. we want to see their commitment and their focus >> gary :and the sponsor of that camp is under armor and will end with missy franklin the great swimmer who received the honda come--cup she is a 4 time olympic gold and her grades are 3.6
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you're fired! >> nbc severs all ties with donald trump. >> is this the end of the miss usa pageant? and it's over! cheers as the prison escape nightmare comes to an end. keep sprinkling the pepper. >> did the escapees really use pep tore throw hunting dogs off their trail? then, she's back! janet jackson's big return. >> my heart is so full. plus -- >> there's a bear on my car! >> grizzly bear! he's trying to get into the car. then, he almost ripped his


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